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Q) Password is being rejected?
Q) Password reset says Unknown Error?
Q) System appears to log you in, then immediately logs you out?


Q) How do I register to use the TPM Screening system?
Q) PIN Registration

Returning Users and Organisation

Q) My subscription is due for renewal.
Q) My account has been deleted.
Q) My account is inactive.

Q) What TPM Packages are Available?

Screening System

TPM version 2 has loads of great new features and major improvements, including the ability to: search / filter, edit, delete and even review last actions

Q) What are Profiles?
Q) Selecting a Matrix


Q) How long do I have to complete a screen?

Saving Tests

Q) Can I quit the Screening Test if we run out of time?
Q) Highlight Marking?



Q) What Types of Report are Available?

Exercise Catalogues: Kinetic Control & Physiotec

Q) How do I create an exercise plan for a client?

Account Settings

Edit Your Account Details

Q) Need to change your name or email address?

Organisation Level Features

Q) Manage Clients and Consultants
Choose which Consultants can see which Client details.

Technical Problems

Missing Names or Missing Data

Unknown Error?

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